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When you think about tourism, you probably think about resting on a tropical beach or exploring the famous attractions of a foreign city. Now, there is another type of tourism that people talk about: dental tourism. Dental tourists travel to foreign countries to seek dental care. The Dominican Republic is a very attractive tourist destination that has been consolidating and advancing in the international rankings as a destination for medical tourism. To learn a little more about the subject, we spoke with Dr. Francis Silvestre de Dental Integral.

1- What is dental tourism?

Health-care tourism is a global phenomenon that has gained a great boom in Latin America, this is the trip to another city or country to receive some kind of treatment or medical care (such as surgeries, treatments, rehabilitation) or type of well-being. aesthetic, dental or similar treatments. Dental or dental tourism is a very important appendix of health tourism. These are people who seek dental care outside their local health systems, seeking double benefit, a) enjoy a rich vacation b) the cost.

2- Why take care of our oral hygiene during our holidays?

While tourists can travel for a variety of reasons, their choices are often motivated by enjoyment and economic reasons. It is very interesting to be on vacation, show off a good body, an extraordinary beachwear and a spectacular and radiant smile

3- Why choose Dental Integral and what dental tourism services do you offer?

Why we are the only and exclusive dental center located in La Casa de Campo Marina. In Dental Integral we have a team of more than 20 specialists in all areas of modern dentistry, such as whitening, dental prophylaxis, caries restoration, dental implants, Smile designs, root canals or canal treatments, metal free crowns, and more. We offer the placement of dental implants in a period of 24 hours and the placement of crowns in 48 hours.

4- What differentiates Dental Integral from other dental clinics? What added value do they offer?

Being in this prestigious place is what makes us unique in the Dominican Republic, this makes us the pioneers in the health sector for tourists and villa owners. It is very important to know that we are the only dental center in La Romana that has a 3D Tomograph, an operating room for major surgeries and a recovery room where the patient is assisted until discharge. We also have our own Spa where, free of charge, the patient waits for a facial or body massage.

5- What dental advice do you have for your patients during these Holy Week holidays?

First of all take the opportunity to spend time with their families, to love, forgive, respect and enjoy their time together. As always remember to brush your teeth correctly for a space of 3 times a day, and most importantly never go to bed without doing it … And if you leave the city take your complete oral hygiene kit that should include toothbrush, cream dental and something that can never stay, dental floss.

With more than 18 years of experience, Dental Integral is today one of the highest quality services and knowledge providers in the area of ​​oral health in the Dominican Republic and are located here in Casa de Campo and La Romana as just 5 minutes. They are known as the “architects of smiles”, which makes them faithful to good service and responsible for contributing to the care and oral health of their patients. Do not miss visiting them!

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