Dental Integral

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Dental Integral

Are you ready to Shine? Yes? Well we have awesome news! We can officially announce to the Casa de Campo community that “Dental Integral” will now be offering their services at Shine in Altos de Chavón.

Dental Integral

Dental Integral – the “smile architects” have just opened in Shine and will be operating from 9am-6pm, (including Saturdays), offering aesthetic procedures such as whitening, Zirconium veneers – used to correct the teeth defects in shape, size and color, as well as “carillas” that are also used to correct imperfections like the separation between your tooth and their shape.

Waking up with a bright smile is about to become to much easier!

Dental Integral at Shine

Where: Shine, Altos de Chavón – Casa de Campo

Opened from: 9am – 6pm

Contacts: or

You can also call for further information…

Dental Integral in La Romana: 809-813-1154

Dental Integral in San Pedro: 809-246-6010

Clínica Coral, La Romana: 809-550-0097

Interesting facts about having Straight teeth

  • Straight teeth improve speech

  • Straight teeth prevent bone erosion

  • Straight teeth improve digestion

  • Straight teeth reduce tooth decay and gum disease

Our face is the first image people perceive of us & our smiles the ultimate presentation letter – remember, a great smile says it all!