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“Dear friends of the Fundación MIR”: a letter from Lian Fanjul de Azqueta and Lyanne M. Azqueta

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The MIR Foundation, founded by Lian Fanjul de Azqueta in 1990, has been dedicated since then to improving the lives of young people in the La Romana area of the Dominican Republic. And whilst many generous souls from the Casa de Campo community happily donate to MIR and attend the foundation’s many annual charity events, it is sad to say but, the coronavirus pandemic has put on hold many key events in the fundraising calendar of many organizations that help those in need.

This is why the founder and president of the Mir Foundation, Lian Fanjul, and her daughter and vice-president, Lyanne M. Azqueta explain in their own words the importance of their mission and the work they are doing during this pandemic to help the families of the MIR Foundation.

Dear friends,

As we shelter at home in comfort and safety please take a minute to think about those less fortunate, MIR’s children and families who need us more than ever. Please help us to help them.

The children of Fundación MIR and their families are currently enduring a level of suffering and need that we can hardly imagine. Our schools are closed, most businesses closed until further notice, and parents are out of work and out of funds to cover their most basic needs. The only resource the almost 2,000 families have now is Fundación MIR. 

We are supporting them by providing food, medicine, and hygiene items along with whatever they might need that we can acquire. The needs are enormous but so is the heart of MIR’s donors. There are many ways for you to make your donation listed below and we ask you to please be generous now more than ever. Maybe we can’t save the world, but we can save a small part of it, helping Fundación MIR families. 

We pray that your families stay healthy and for all those touched by this terrible disease, our prayers for their full return to health.

On behalf of Fundación MIR, its Collaborators, Volunteers and Directors, thank you very much.

With blessings,
Very truly yours,


Lillian Fanjul de Azqueta                             Lillian M. Azqueta
President and Founder                                 Vice-President



You may write a check payable to Fundación MIR, or make a bank transfer to their account 5110101581 at Banco del Progreso (RNC 4-12-02039-9) or visit their website 


The Fundación MIR

The Fundación MIR is a non-profit organization which works to provide education to the children of the greater La Romana area, who are most in need. They run 3 schools; the MIR Esperanza (boys vocational school), the Escuela Técnica Vocacional Fundación MIR (girls vocational school) and the Primaria MIR (infants school).

For more information on the Fundación MIR and to make a donation, visit their website:

To make a donation contact the MIR office in Casa de Campo (809-523-8270) or in West Palm Beach (561-366-5095). Donations are tax deductible for US Citizens!

To find out more and see photos and articles of events organized by the Fundación MIR – click here!

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