paella festival
paella festival

Get ready for a Spanish night fit of any restaurant in Valencia or Andalucía… but of course right here in La Marina Casa de Campo. La Casita brings us a Paella Festival that will most surely have us all dancing and speaking with Spanish accents!

The Paella is a rice dish, usually cooked in a large pan with meat or seafood, green vegetables, beans and seasoning. It sounds “riquísimo” right? Now imagine that accompanied by some typical Flamenco music and a beautiful flamenco dancer that will make your feet itch and want to dance. Close your eyes for a second and there, you’re in Spain. So join us this Thursday 15th of August from 6-11pm at La Casita because “nos vamos a España tío!”

This is not the first time La Casita has hosted a Paella Festival, in fact it’s becoming something of a tradition! Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to enjoy numerous Paella Festivals at La Casita and even one at La Cantina in Altos de Chavón! Each one always better than the last… so we look forward to seeing you there!

Paella Festival 

Where: La Casita, Marina Casa de Campo

When: Thursday August 15th, 6pm – 11pm

Cost: US$38 per person, US$5 for a glass of sangria

Contact: (809) 523-2529

The Paella Festival menu is as follows:

Paella Festival: Spanish flavours and rhythms at La Cantina in Altos de Chavon!

Last Tuesday August the 21st 2012, exquisite spanish flavors and rhythms transported Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and visitors to the ‘Madre Patria’ for the popular “Paella Festival” previously held at La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo, but this time celebrated at the newly renovated La Cantina Latin Bistro in Altos de Chavon.

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A festive Spanish “Noche Sevillana” at La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo!

It was 7:30pm when many jolly guests made their way into La Casita restaurant located in the Paseo del Mar at the Marina Casa de Campo – which apart from having a spectacular view of the Marina, is the ideal spot for guests to enjoy a wonderful meal and celebrate special occasions – like the unique “Noche Sevillana” celebrated on Sunday the 26th of February 2012, the third Paella and Flamenco Festival celebrated in La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo, serving a variety of exquisite “paellas”, to the rhythms of an extraordinary Spanish show.

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