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Exciting cigar news keeps on comin’… This time it’s with Davidoff as they introduce new cigars and cigarillos to their Brazilian blended Escurio line, this June 2016. With additions including, Corona Gorda, Gran Perfecto, Primeros and Mini Cigarillos, they each offer a unique quality and rhythm, and allow the aficionado a choice for every occasion.

Finding inspiration in the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro, Davidoff’s master blenders crafted cigars with the soul of Brazil in mind, combining sweet and spicy blends.

Meet the new stars of the Escurio line:

Gran Perfecto

Strong cigar (strength ⅗); combines explosion of strong flavors of oak, liquorice, salt and leather with an intriguing play between a spiciness of chilli and sweet creamy notes. Long winded cigar with an enjoyment time of 55 minutes, making it perfect for a relaxing evening.

Corona Gorda

This cigar brings a lot of body, full of twists and turns between sweetness and spiciness with distinct oak flavors; the enjoyment time is roughly 35 minutes, and the cigar is also on the rather strong side (strength ⅗).


This strong and flavorful cigar (strength 3/5) is in the format of Petit Panetela, and its combination of Brazilian spicy Cubra and sweet Mata Fina tobaccos are perfectly balanced with Dominican tobaccos and a Ecuadorian Habano Seed wrapper. The rich aroma and strong earth flavors make this 15 minute cigar well worth it.

Mini Cigarillos

For the moments when there’s not enough time for a full cigar, the Escurio line brings mini options available. With a mix of Brazilian tobaccos, Brazilian binder, and Ecuadorian wrapper, these cigarillos still provide the power of Davidoff’s authentic flavors in a 5 minute experience.

“Sweet meets spice in this broader selection of Brazilian inspired Escurio cigars and shorter format Primeros and Cigarillos. Rich aromas will take you on a taste adventure full of unexpected twists and turns inspired by a night in Rio. Each format will be beating at its own tempo to suit the rhythm of life –  even when time is a luxury: Time Beautifully Filled with Rhythm, Intrigue and Originality.”

— Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG

Oettinger Davidoff has very strong ties to the Dominican Republic since almost all of their production happens here. They not only produce premium smokes but support the Davidoff Art Initiative as well, with the Davidoff Art Studios serving as its home right here at the heart of Casa de Campo. We are very lucky to call Altos de Chavón a home for the Davidoff Art Initiative!

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The life of Davidoff Cigars is the life of Zino Davidoff. His brilliant savoir vivre infused all aspects of cigar craftsmanship and enjoyment. A visionary in all regards, Zino was a man who ensured time, like each of his cigars, was always beautifully filled.

Each and every one of our cigars has their own unique flavor. Complex aromas mix with heady scents. Some are subtle and delicate while others flood your mouth with rich, dark, creamy aftertastes.

The filler and binder of our cigars are predominantly crafted with our finest quality Dominican tobacco, grown on plantations owned by Davidoff. Our cigars are wrapped in the finest Ecuadorian leaf or rich, oily Dominican Yamasá™ leaf. Every stage of the cigar-making process – from crop to shop – is controlled by us. No one outside the Davidoff family touches your cigar before you do. It’s a simple way of ensuring you enjoy the unparalleled quality of Davidoff, time after time after time.


The centerpiece of the Davidoff Art Initiative is the Davidoff Art Residency.

Each year, the Davidoff Art Residency offers residency positions for Caribbean artists who participate in five artist-residency programs worldwide, as well as for approximately five artists from outside the Caribbean region who spend three months in the Dominican Republic. A limited number of positions are also reserved for curators and writers working on projects of relevance to Caribbean art.

Artist residency programs help working artists develop their skills, make connections within global networks, earn exposure for their work, and share their expertise with others. In offering emerging and mid-career artists an opportunity to spend an extended period of time working in a different social and creative environment from their own, the Davidoff Art Residency serves as a conduit for professional mobility, cultural immersion, and creative exchange.