Featured Image — Paolo Chiasera exhibit with School of Design

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Paolo Chiasera is one of four very talented artists who, thanks to the Davidoff Art Initiative Residency, came to live in Altos in Chavón. Last Friday, March 18th, he and three students from the School of Art and Design, Michele Saiz, William III and Aimee Morales opened a joint exhibit!

At the very beginning of his residency when Paolo was for the first time talking about his work and the way he integrates space to the art, specifically referring to his “Bedouin tent,” many students expressed an interest in working with him. Once I had been invited to run a workshop, I immediately realized that the best way was to organize a show in my tent,” Paolo said.

Friends and art enthusiast came to celebrate the opening of the exhibit. The artists had a chance to speak about their pieces and share the creative process behind them. All three artist presented a very distinct style of work which differentiated them. Michele Sais identified herself as an “Intellectual”; Aimee Morales a “Psychotic”, and William III a “Romantic”.

The exhibit celebrated the difference between Michele’s very meticulous acrylic pieces that transport you to another dimension to Aimee’s detailed portraits of people yawning on a very small canvas, and William’s abstract environments created using multiple objects and different materials.

Paolo feels it is very important for artists to have a dialog and exchange experiences. That is why he very grateful expressed his appreciation to be part of the Davidoff Art Initiative.


The centerpiece of the Davidoff Art Initiative is the Davidoff Art Residency. Each year, the Davidoff Art Residency offers residency positions for Caribbean artists who participate in five artist-residency programs worldwide, as well as for approximately five artists from outside the Caribbean region who spend three months in the Dominican Republic. A limited number of positions are also reserved for curators and writers working on projects of relevance to Caribbean art. Artist residency programs help working artists develop their skills, make connections within global networks, earn exposure for their work, and share their expertise with others. In offering emerging and mid-career artists an opportunity to spend an extended period of time working in a different social and creative environment from their own, the Davidoff Art Residency serves as a conduit for professional mobility, cultural immersion, and creative exchange.

The exhibit is located in Davidoff studios in Altos de Chavón and will be available for visit after Semana Santa.