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Dancing and Dinner at Dom Ham for the children of the Orfanato Niños de Cristo!

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What a wonderful way to start the New Year! Last Tuesday the 4th of January Casa de Campo Living and Dom Ham sponsored a very special dinner for a group of children from the Orfanato Niños de Cristo – a fun filled night with delicious burgers and lots of dancing!!

Our story begins back in December, when the same group of children from the Orfanato Niños de Cristo on December the 4th performed in the Altos de Chavón Amphitheatre as part of the ‘Teatro de la Comunidad’ talent show – a musical extravaganza organised by Casa de Campo Living with talented members of the Casa de Campo and La Romana community. In the show this group of 14 girls and 4 boys performed a series of dance routines to the songs ‘Waka Waka,’ ‘Baby’ and ‘Baile del Gorila’ and won the award for the ‘Mejor Baile’ (best dance) and so for their prize we organised a delicious dinner at Dom Ham!

Our dinner started at 6:30PM and instead of sitting down to eat our excited little friends from the Orfanato danced for us all, there wasn’t much space but the girls managed to dance around the tables and the other diners – creating quiet a dinner and a show for the other people in Dom Ham! After rather a lot of dancing every had built up quiet an appetite so all the kids sat down and devoured their delicious Dom Ham burgers as well as Coca Cola, fries and candies (donated by Dom Ham – thanks Carlitos!)

Many thanks to everyone from the La Romana and Casa de Campo communities who came to see the children and showed their support for this event – being able to share their dinner with other people really made the night so much more special!

Thanks again to Dom Ham for making this dinner happen – we really appreciate your support and you made the kids VERY happy!!!

AND finally once again CONGRATULATIONS to the children – your performance was excellent and thank you for sharing the dinner with us, we had lots of fun!

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