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We just got the buzz!!

Vanity Fair’s beauty section this week features a review on the top Spa’s in the world. After visiting 10 spas in North America and seven day spas in New York City,their editors scoured the globe for other top spa destinations and our own Cygalle’s Healing Spa was included in the list.

Here is part of the article:

Cygalle Healing Spa.
Where: La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Safe Haven: The Cygalle Healing Spa at the Casa de Campo resort is an eco-friendly haven for holistic healing. Every guest’s spa experience begins with a traversal of Cygalle’s 2,800-square-foot labyrinth, which is meant to help guests cast off impurities and open their minds and bodies to revitalization. From there, guests enter the spa, where they can receive treatments either in a spacious spa suite, in a private outdoor gazebo on the beach, or in the seclusion of a private villa. Hidden nooks for meditation are nestled throughout a lush Zen garden that surrounds the facilities. Water Rituals: In Cygalle’s signature Water Ritual Suite detoxifying regimen, you plunge into hot and cold pools to relax, revive, and strengthen the body and its immune system. Click here to read more…