Featured Image Coverage Cafe de la Leche July 2016

Café de la Leche came early in the month of July, falling on the 1st of the month and held in the lovely home of Maria Elmufdi. A stunning backyard display was set up for the ladies of Casa de Campo to mingle outdoors and enjoy the beautiful view of the golf course.

As usual, fashionable guests donned chic summer outfits. This time in loose-fitting options that were perfect for catching the cool breeze, while July’s warm weather was also somewhat abated by the presence of wicker fans.

Given Maria’s family Lebanese roots, we were treated to a culinary selection from the Middle east. Crunchy Lebanese pita bread was baked with spices like zatar and cardamom, and made delightful for humus-based dips and pairing with traditional baked falafel. It was a true feast!

Fruit cups, bunt cakes, and small treats made the afternoon sweeter, while Le Spot by Cinco also provided a selection of sorbets like mango, cherry, and lime. We enjoyed refreshing apple-infused sangrias to drink, and indulged our inner child by taking turns on the outdoor tree swing.

It was certainly apparent how much formula was collected for the Hogar del Niño’s Crib Room (Sala de Cuna), and how important these monthly gatherings are to helping PBO continue to care for the children of La Romana. Plus, it gives us ladies a chance to catch up and enjoy time together in our busy schedules. If you missed this Café de la Leche, be sure to come to the next one and contribute to this fun and charitable event.

A big thanks to Laura Perdomo for the amazing pictures, taken Friday July 1st at Café de la Leche: