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Cookbook by Patricia Proaño hits the Santo Domingo Book Fair

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portrada-final-copy-smImagine gathering up a bunch of your friends, sharing and tasting each others special recipes. Better yet, taking all of these recipes plugging them into the cutest little book, publishing it and having its proceeds benefit children and families in need. Doesn’t it sound like loads of fun?

The ladies of the Casa de Campo community are known to be supportive of several charities, and many of them jumped to the opportunity of collaborating with this incredible idea brought to life by Ms. Patricia Proaño.

This publication is a culinary adventure that will have you mixing up the best ingredients from your pantry as well as getting you to excitedly run to the store for what ever you are missing. Its quirky, fun design and the bold-flavored recipes will have you fall in love again with cooking.

The public got a taste of some of the recipes at the Santo Domingo Book Fair, since Ms. Proaño herself prepared one of her own recipe’s; Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, alongside Gricelle Lahoz and Yamell Mejia. These lovely ladies showcased the concept of the book and spoke to the crowd about Hogar del Niño, the many virtues of this charity and how they have helped the La Romana Community for so many years.

We feel like this book will strike a cord with many people, not only as a reference, but also as an object that was thoughtfully made by people who care about what they are doing. The recipes are in both Spanish and English which makes it a great gift to give.

It is currently available for sale and if you would like additional information on how to get your hands on a copy contact [email protected], or call the Patronato Benefico directly at 809-556-3181.

Go cook up a storm!

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