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hotel rebuild

Last week we released the photos and plans of the NEW hotel, which look simply stunning, for now however, our beloved hotel is a mere shell of what it used to be!

You may not have noticed but right now the hotel is totally unrecognizable. The Cana bar is gone! The pool was been emptied and the pool bar has disappeared. The front desk, concierge area, Tropical Tours and the Fundacion MIR offices have all been levelled! The only thing that remains is Cygalle Healing Spa, which is exactly where it used to be but is hiding behind some of the construction, but don’t let that put you off – inside the spa is just as tranquil and relaxing as always.

At Casa de Campo Living we don’t always play by the rules and so by sneaking into the construction site, we were able to do a little filming and take some photos of the progress underway:

The new hotel will be ready for the beginning of December, and just to remind you how beautiful it’s going to look here are our photos of the NEW hotel:


Photo contributed by Casa de Campo Living reader, Priscilla Jorge and video created by Philip Silvestri.