punta aguila casa de campo

Beautiful villas are always being built in Casa de Campo and although we can see the progress and buildings from the outside it is not often that we get the chance to peek inside a project and see exactly what is going on! In this post Rafeal Aybar, of Constructora Aybar S.A reveals to us, the secrets of one of their latest projects.

Here we have another project taking place in Casa De Campo. The lot, Punta Aguila 63, is located on what used to be the Punta Aguila airport. The airport was moved to give way for more lots due to the ocean views and the beauty of the surrounding area. These new lots are right next to the holes of the world famous teeth of the dog golf course with its lake and green pasteur.

The concept for this villa is of a small Spanish village. The owner being of nature a very friendly person wanted a spanish patio in the center with a very unique landscaping. The patio of coutryard is the focal point and the centre of the villa with all paths and entrances leading to it, even the front entrance to the house goes directly to the patio.

A separate building module for friends and family overlooks the georgous pool. The main living room bordering the pool has a unique suspended stair case made of precious wood. The pool another main component of the villa goes along the house just enough to become a good lap pool for great excersice under the sun.

The stair case that connects the master bedroom to the gym has a light house feel. Designed with an additional floor as an ocean observatory, protected by stainlees steel bars all rround the balcony lets you appreciate the caribbean shores at its fullest.

For the patio a special awning has been designed to cover all the paths and the entrance, each with carefully selected colors to integrate with the surroundings.

As you can see this project is not yet completed, as it progresses we will keep you up to date with the progress and of course will eventually bring you photos of the completed villa.

Article contributed by Rafael Aybar, Constructora Aybar S.A.
Punta Aguila 63
Design: French Arq. Yanez
Construction: Constructora Aybar S.A. (Rafael Aybar)