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Congratulations to Inge Demyttenaere, a real estate broker who works in association with Costasur – who has just been announced as “Costasur’s Running Top Producer Resales 2012.”

Inge, originally from Belgium is a Casa de Campo villa owner, who runs her own real estate company, ID Consulting – through which she works in association with Costasur and Tina Fanjul Associates among others, as well as of course representing her own exclusive property listings. Inge received a trophy in recognition of her achievements from Alfonso Paniagua, Vice-President and Administrador of Costasur Casa de Campo during a the Christmas celebration hosted by Costasur last week (more photos and coverage of that event coming soon.)

In celebration of Inge’s success, we got together with Inge to ask her a few questions…

@cdcliving: Congratulations Inge! To what do you contribute your success?

Inge: I work very hard to deliver professional services, and that extra bit of service they didn’t expect.

@cdcliving: What are the keys to being successful in the Real Estate business?

Inge: Keep your listings updated, build a referral network, and above all – listen to what your clients need so you can give them sound advice.

@cdcliving: What advice would you give to someone looking to invest in a property in Casa de Campo?

Inge: Choose a broker you feel comfortable with and you trust. As we all work with multiple listings, you can visit any property with your own preferred broker. Take your time to evaluate the resort areas and villas you like best, what budget do you have, and what is the purpose of the investment. Express all your questions. Based on that information, I help my clients find the best possible home.

@cdcliving: Aside from Real Estate sales, you also do property management. What does that involve?

Inge: It may be too much for an owner, especially a foreigner, to hire and check staff, do maintenance to their property, keep up with accounting and other payments, and keep a rental calendar. I make sure they don’t over pay, inform them about legal issues, try to make their property profitable, so they can enjoy their property without all the hassle.

@cdcliving: You have now been living in Casa de Campo for 6 years. What is it about Casa de Campo that you love?

Inge: It’s a very nice quiet and safe international community with beautiful tropical nature and landscaping, the ideal place to come home to after a day’s work. And it’s a place where your investment keeps its value.