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Computer Advice by Moises: Unlimited Phone Calls

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In my last articles “The Hype about Skype” and “Getting started with Skype!, I showed you how easy it is to use Skype to make phone calls to anywhere in the world.  There are however, many people who either don’t like Skype or simply wish they had an easier way to make a simple phone call.  Good news: There is an easier way, there are many options and all have one thing in common; an Internet connection.

Option # 1: Magic Jack 

This is a USB device that connects to the computer.  It has a phone jack where a normal land line phone is connected to.  The computer should be on and connected to the Internet in order to make any calls.  The advantage of this device comes in the price.  It cost around $50 dollars which includes a year of unlimited calls to the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico. The second and consecutive years will cost around $30 dollars.  International calls cost from $0.02 cents per minute depending on where the call is made to.  Calls can be made from anywhere in the world as long as the computer has a DSL Internet connection or faster.

Option # 2: Vonage

At there’s information about one of the most famous providers of VOIP (Voice Over IP). Vonage provides a small box  similar to the one shown above.  This box allows for calls to be made without the need of any computer.  Knowledge of computers is not necessary at all in order to make a call with Vonage.  For around $30 dollars per month Vonage provides a U.S phone number where friends and family can call to at local U.S rates.  Unlimited calls can be made from the vonage device to many countries with this plan.  There are other plans that include unlimited calls to anywhere in the world for a few dollars more per month.

Yes.  There are over 100 options out there, we decided to write about these two because they are two of the most used around the world.  For more information please contact me – my information is below.

This article was written by Moises Alberto Milford

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