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On Friday, December 16th as part of this year’s holiday program, the Elizabeth de Zeller Ballet Academy, will present its traditional annual ballet show at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater. In this year’s show, they will perform “The Magical World of Disney”, a beautiful rendition of all of our favorite movies!

The founder of the academy Elizabeth P. de Zeller, Tia Eli, started this tradition over 50 years ago! This presentation is directed by Ivonne Zeller, Tia Eli’s daughter, and showcases all of the effort and passion students in the academy devote to dancing ballet, with a beautiful presentation each December in the Altos de Chavón amphitheater.

Tickets will be sold in advance by the students at a cost of RD$300.00 p/p and at the Casa de Campo K5 entrance on the day of the event. And as every year, this event benefits the “Hogar de Ancianos Padre Abreu” (Home for the Elderly) highlighting the importance of helping our community.

Don’t miss out on one of Altos de Chavón’s Christmas traditions, whilst doing so you will also be contributing to a great cause!

*Images from past presentations