Philip Silvestri, Baby Silvestri, Rebecca Silvestri, Plano Texas

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Tick, tock… it’s almost time! I can’t quiet believe it—my due date is looming and it’s almost time to welcome little baby Silvestri into the world!

Philip Silvestri, Baby Silvestri, Rebecca Silvestri, Plano Texas

Are we ready? Honestly no, not really! My body which is now larger and rounder in every single way is certainly ready, my mind on the other hand is having a tough time keeping up…I mean how can I possibly look after a baby!? Some days I find it hard to believe there really is a baby inside me, but then that feeling disappears as soon as I feel his teeny tiny feet kicking my ribs or poking out of my sides!

Philip on the other hand is very excited and also completely terrified. Neither of us have any idea what to expect and yet we have complete confidence that we’ll make great parents—after all Baby Silvestri already has his own pair of cowboy boots so what more could he possibly need!?

And while I’m certainly not missing the Dominican heat (I’m plenty warm enough carrying around this bundle of joy), of course we do miss being with you in Casa de Campo! Once this little one is born we can’t wait to bring him over to meet all our Casa de Campo friends and for his first a tropical vacation!

So in the meantime wish me luck—and watch our for my next update with our little baby boy in my arms!

Photography by David Downs Photography.