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Comemorating World AIDS Day at the Hogar del Niño with Clínica de Familia

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During the school year the Módulo Anexo Materno Infantil (Annex Module Mother and Child) (MAMI) hosts talks on sexual and reproductive education in various schools of La Romana and bateyes, with the aim of educating and empowering young people with the knowledge necessary to live a healthy life. A group of young volunteers are recruited and trained by the team of educators of the MAMI with the necessary knowledge so that they can also hosts talks and presentations for their classmates, family members and the community where they live in.

Last Friday, November 30, in order to commemorate World AIDS Day, the group of volunteers belonging to the Hogar del Niño School of the Patronato Benéfico Oriental presented an exhibition on HIV and AIDS with a content that included details on transmission, prevention, treatment and discrimination of people living with HIV. The director of MAMI, Lic. Luz Messina, was in charge of the welcome of those present and then started the different exhibitions. The activity took place in the multipurpose court of the center and was attended by approximately 500 students from sixth grade to high school, as well as some representatives of other institutions such as the Liceo María Mercedes Lazala and Clínica de Familia La Romana.

The young speakers had the opportunity to present their topics and put into practice the knowledge learned during almost a year of training. After the participation of each group, the MAMI educator, Omar Hernández, made a brief summary of the topics presented with the interaction of the students present, ensuring that the students can replicate the information received. At the end of the activity, the volunteers received certificates of participation.

We are grateful to the teaching staff of the psychology department of ​​the Hogar del Niño School, who were in charge of the necessary orientation of the topics, as well as the support provided to the groups to prepare their presentations. We would like to thank the school’s director, Lic. Mónique Acevedo, for welcoming this initiative.

Information courtesy of the Family Clinic, Photos provided by Sarah Cohen.


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