Santo Domingo Colonial Fest

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Santo Domingo Colonial Fest

The Zona Colonial (colonial city) in Santo Domingo every year hosts the Santo Domingo Colonial Fest, the largest annual celebration of music, art, culture and history of the area. And this year we would like to extend the invitation to the community of Casa de Campo and La Romana to take part too – Dominican or not, a Dominican celebration of this scale is not to be missed!

The idea behind the Santo Domingo Colonial Fest to show both Dominican and foreign people what it means to be Dominican, the unique essence of the “Dominicanidad” – the roots and the beauty of our rich culture! The Santo Domingo Colonial Fest is a totally free experience and takes place over three days, this year on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November, with a jam-packed schedule from 4pm-midnight throughout the 3 day festival!

concierto colonial fest

What to expect?

With 10 different activity locations throughout the Colonial Zone (see map below), there will be a lot going on during the 2014 edition of the Santo Domingo Colonial Fest! There’s ballet, tradition Dominican music, dancing, art, poetry, performances by the symphonic orchestra, theatrical productions, concerts and even an “after-party” with a DJ on the opening night, Friday November 21st.


The following is the official schedule of activities for the 2014 Santo Domingo Colonial Fest:

Santo Domingo Colonial Fest


The following is a map of where all the Santo Domingo Colonial Fest activities will take place:

Santo Domingo Colonial Fest

Santo Domingo Colonial Fest

When: 21st – 23rd of November

Where: Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

More info: www.colonial