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Colegio Saint John’s Family Fair 2013 – a big hit!

saint john family fair

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saint john family fairEvery year the Saint John School in La Romana celebrates a fabulous Family Fair. Here we bring you many wonderful photos of the occasion, as well as an article contributed by Juan Oscar Geraldino, manager of communications and public relations at the Colegio Saint John.

family fair in Saint john

The Colegio Saint John’s Family Fair 2013 – by Juan Oscar Geraldino

This year’s Family Fair was a hit, celebrated Sunday December 8th from 9:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Colegio Saint John’s Parent-Teacher Association outdid themselves, but they did have some help. The students from 8th -11th grade took part hosting the event by having bakes sales, pony rides, face painting and other amazing activities that revolved around the main theme, which of course is Family.

children family fair in saint johnThe fair was a success, visited by over 1,500 people during the course of the day. We had events for all the family, including a Family Rally and a Zumbathon for kids (which was donated by PointE).

Colegio saint john family fairDuring the day, we held raffles which included prizes from some of the local stores at Casa de Campo: Art Studio by Emilio Robba, Shine, PapaJacks and Chinois. These were just some of the stores in La Romana that donated prizes. Fun and games wasn’t all we had. The Family Fair included a lounge/bar for the adults which was taken care of by our friends at Trigo de Oro where we could get delicious and refreshing drinks while the kids played outside.

As it was such a family affair, headmistress Hilda Alvarez was present and working hard, alongside her mother Dinorah Pagan de Alvarez and son Juan Oscar Geraldino which were the main representatives of the school alongside the Parent-Teacher Association.

Hopefully we’ll see all you readers here next year!

The following collection of photos were taken during the Colegio Saint John Family Fair in La Romana: 

colegio saint johnThis article and photos were contributed to Juan Oscar Geraldino, manager of communications and public relations at the Colegio Saint John. 

[Juan Oscar Geraldino is pictured right with Sofia and Alexandra Papadopoulos.]


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