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On October 30, Clínica de Familia was distinguished by the Brugal Foundation in a virtual delivery of the Brugal believes in its People Awards for 2020. The Brugal Foundation and the members of the Brugal believes in its People Awards jury recognized on this occasion the work of eight institutions that have faced the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities creatively, collaboratively, and heroically.

La Romana Family Clinic was recognized for continuing to provide an active response to the current situation of COVID-19 since March, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of those who visit in search of health services and in the same way ensuring the well-being of those who work in that institution. That recognition extended equally to his leadership responding to and offering COVID-19 prevention and education activities in the community and in the clinic itself.

The Brugal Foundation has given the following inspiring message about the awards: “We are convinced that we have much to learn from the proactive leadership of these institutions… May we forever do our own good that we have learned during this time, to continue building a future with hope. ”

Clínica de Familia thanks Fundación Brugal for recognizing the work in mitigating the effects of COVID-19 and achieving the well-being and health of vulnerable populations in La Romana.

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