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In the last two weeks, the Clínica de Familia La Romana presented two books of great impact for the community of La Romana: “Fotovoz: Listening to the voices of the community through images” and “En Sus Palabras: Life stories of teenagers in the Dominican Republic”. Both books using different techniques communicate first hand what vulnerable people in La Romana go through, which tends to be ignored, and explores the cases of teens, adolescents, and homosexuals.

The presentation of the first book, “Fotovoz: Listening to the voices of the community through images” was conducted by Dr. Silvia Amesty, a family physician at Columbia University and principal investigator in this project. On Friday, October 27th, Dr. Amesty presented the results obtained in this study to the audience at the Provincial Health Department. The purpose of the study was to document through photographs and narratives the experiences of a group of gay men and transgender people, trained in photography, with the community and public services.

These images uncovered the environment, poverty, insecurity, street work, family, and discrimination experienced by the participants. We appreciate the presence of Dr. Teodoro Ursino Reyes, Provincial Governor of the City of La Romana, Dra. Maria Guerrero, Vice Mayor of the city of La Romana, Dr. Xiomara Martínez in this activity on behalf of the Provincial Health Directorate, Lic. Hilda Peguero, representative of the board of directors of Clínica de Familia La Romana and its Executive Director, Lic. Mina Lozada and Ms. Halpern. Luz Messina Hidalgo, Director ofMódulo Anexo Materno Infantil.

During the afternoon of Friday, November 3rd the Módulo Anexo Materno Infantil (MAMI) presented the book, “En sus Palabras: Life stories of adolescents in the Dominican Republic” to the hands of its director, Lic. Luz Hidalgo Messina. Christopher J. Fay, the author of this book, spent a year at the Clínica de Familia La Romana creating a platform for dialogue without judgement where teenagers could express themselves freely. These narratives provided an opportunity for participants to tell their stories, perhaps for the first time without restrictions or fear of judgment.

The testimonies in this book reveal the experiences of these teens, including the challenges they face. During the introduction of the book, the author thanked the support received and expressed that this work seeks to provide a greater understanding and knowledge of the life and needs of adolescents in La Romana through their testimonies. It also seeks to change the way we see the lives of teenagers by seeing it from their point of view. We appreciate the presence of Christopher J. Fay, author of the book, as well as Vice Mayor of La Romana, Dra. Maria Guerrero. Similarly, we appreciate the presence of the schools: Hogar del Niño, Fidelina Martes, Milagros Núñez del Liceo Higueral, Lic Hilda Venecia Guerrero and Mr. Walquiria Charles as well as representatives of the Heart to Heart Foundation, and Ms. Xiomara Beltré and Yanirisi Guerrero of the School 10 KM Cumayasa.



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