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Clínica de Familia La Romana has a wide portfolio of medical services, including: general and specialized medicine, consultations focused on sexually transmitted infections and imaging services. In addition, it has a clinical laboratory certified under international quality management standards ISO 9001: 2015.

To provide new options to the community, it has added new services to its imaging department. These services include a sono-guided biopsy of the breast, prostate, thyroid, and masses / nodules, as well as 4D fetal sonography.

The sono-directed biopsy is a procedure when lumps or abnormalities appear, which are usually detected through a physical exam, mammography, or other diagnostic imaging studies. The biopsy is done to remove some cells from a suspicious area to
examine them under a microscope to determine a diagnosis. The family clinic physician uses a minimally invasive, image-guided procedure to obtain a small sample of the abnormality for further analysis.

Another service available at the Clínica de Familia is 4D fetal sonography, which allows pregnant women in a state of gestation of 25 to 30 weeks, to capture the fetus in three dimensions as in 3D ultrasound, but showing us in movement and in real-time what it is happening within you.

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