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The Clínica de Familia is a comprehensive community health services organization in La Romana, which runs one of the largest HIV clinics in the Dominican Republic, in addition to primary care services, an adolescent reproductive health clinic, and a specialized clinic for sex workers, among other programs.

The Clínica de Familia is changing lives. Here we share with you the story of Alfredo.

Alfredo is a young man from La Romana who has faced many challenges in his life, including abandonment by his family when they found out he has HIV. Without family protection, he looked for support from friends who helped him for a very limited time. But eventually, he was evicted from the room he rented as he was unable to pay. He ended up homeless and hungry.

In addition to medical care, Clínica de Familia La Romana gave Alfredo life-saving support, which allowed him to purchase the materials to build a small house. The clinic also provided him with food rations. This support has allowed Alfredo to have a better quality of life, as he begins to look for work to support himself. According to Alfredo, Clínica de Familia is now his real family, and he looks forward to living a long, healthy life. Alfredo is one of many Clínica de Familia clients who form a part of this warm and loving family.

Clínica de Familia has its foundations in not only being a family for clients and staff, but also increasing access to high quality health services for our community’s most vulnerable families. The goal is to improve the health conditions of families in the Eastern Dominican Republic, through comprehensive health services, education, and research.

Clínica de Familia will continue strengthening its family, helping vulnerable people like Alfredo, and making a healthier community.

The Clínica de Familia is changing lives. 

Clínica de Familia La Romana

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