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Clara Magazine falls in love with Casa de Campo

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Clara Mexico is a leading female magazine, which has been on the market for over 15 years and in it’s latest issue heralded Casa de Campo as ultimately the best place to visit in the DR, and of course we totally agree! The article is a general interest article about the Dominican Republic, but with two thirds of the article praising Casa de Campo and featuring only photos of Casa de Campo, its easy to deduce that the people from CLARA Mexico love Casa de Campo as much as we do! Then again, what’s not to love!?

The article, entitled ‘Republica Dominicana,’ briefly describes the DR, its history, location and main attractions outside of Casa de Campo, mainly Santo Domingo, before moving onto the many wonderful attributes of Casa de Campo. As always the beautiful Altos de Chavon is featured, not only for it’s atmosphere and appearance which so accurately represents a small town in Italy or Spain but also for it’s stunning views over the Chavon river. To finish, the article provides information to readers interested in visiting the DR, and the only hotel it recommends? Casa de Campo of course! We all know, there really is no-where better to spend you time in the Dominican Republic!

While we can sometimes take all the wonders of Casa de Campo for granted, it is always wonderful to have an outsider be so enthralled with our little slice or paradise that they cannot help but gush over it. There is a good reason that many people who rent a villa in Casa de Campo, eventually end up purchasing or building their own.

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