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Christmas at Onno’s Bar; partying with the big boys and girls….

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Having spent the afternoon on Dec 23rd entertaining more than 30 excited little ones during the Kids Christmas Party at Onno’s Bar, when the evening of Dec the 25th came around it was time for me to be back at Onno’s bar – this time to party among the big kids! 

Of course Christmas is a time for families to be together, but following dinner at La Piazetta on Christmas Eve (or rather Noche Buena), midnight mass, a visit from Santa Claus and another Christmas dinner at La Caña bar on Christmas day (not so traditional, but they do great pasta….) – I was ready for party time!

And where better to party in Casa de Campo than at Onno’s Bar? The Marina Casa de Campo is perfect for a dressed-up dinner, the La Caña Bar at the hotel is lovely for a relaxed sophisticated drink, but Casa de Campo’s ‘party’ place is undoubtedly Altos de Chavón – Papa Jacks for the slightly younger crowd, Onno’s Bar for the slightly older!

And so being ‘slightly older’ (now the later side of 25) Onno’s Bar was the place for me! Great music, great friends, great drinks, some slightly dodgy dance moves (hey I am English) and I was in bed by 4am! Although one night of wanton, reckless partying was more than enough for me, according to my sources Onno’s Bar has been and will be equally busy and ‘full’ (Dominican meaning – AWESOME DUDE) every night for the rest of the season!

Apart from partying in Altos de Chavón (always an options after 1am), here is my rundown of activities and parties for the rest of this ‘party week’

Tuesday 28th Dec (Today)

  • Nacimiento Viviente MIR @ Plaza Chavon, 4:30PM-5:30PM
    (Admittedly not a party, but they will have cookies and hot chocolate – with all proceeds for the Fundacion MIR)
  • Show Kandela! @ Anfiteatro Altos de Chavón Amphitheatre, 9PM
    (If you have never seen this show it’s really great – the women dances leave very little to the imagination…..)
  • DJ Maicol @ Onno’s Bar, Altos de Chavón, 10pm

Wednesday 29th Dec

Thursday 30th Dec

  • Sorry guys there are no ‘public’ events…..there are a number of private parties, but sorry I can’t tell you about those!!
  • GREAT movies @ Marina Casa de Campo cinema!
    (Movies are changed every Thursday, so if you plan on going to the cinema on Thursday, please come back and re-check the movies and times!)

Friday 31st Dec – New Years Eve!!!

  • Palmilla Boat Party @ leaving from the Marina Casa de Campo to Palmilla, from 10am
    (My all-time favourite party of the year; hundreds of boats, thousands of party people, champagne, dancing, sea and sun – Happy New Year!)
  • Dinner-Dance Party @ La Romana Country Club, 7pm
  • Live Band / Musica en Vivo @ Plaza Portofino, Marina Casa de Campo
  • THE New Years Eve Party by [email protected] Playa Minitas, from 11:30PM, USD100 – open bar

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