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ChocoMuseo opening in Altos de Chavón!

ChocoMuseo Altos de Chavon

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ChocoMuseo Altos de ChavonIn addition to all the magical holidays events and activities to look forward to this holiday season in Casa de Campo, we are thrilled to announce that a chocolate museum will soon open in Altos de Chavón!

The “ChocoMuseo” (chocolate museum) will be a cacao and chocolate museum, factory, café and shop!

ChocoMuseo Altos de Chavon

The concept of “ChocoMuseo” which has locations across the world; Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, is to make chocolate where the cacao grows. “We source the best quality cacao beans and then process them artisanally to obtain delicious chocolate,” explains the ChocoMuseo website. 

In addition to learning about the history and nature behind chocolate production, at the ChocoMuseo in Altos de Chavón, you will be able to see the chocolate making process from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar.

Once opened, all the products on sale will be made by ChocoMuseo, with organic Dominican cacao. You’ll be able to find 85%, 70% and white and milk chocolate, as well as a variety of chocolate derived products such as cacao tea, jams, liquors and even cosmetic products – cacao body butter, body creams and hair treatments.

The ChocoMuseo, Altos de Chavón is opening soon – as soon as it opens we’ll let you know!

With the opening of the ChocoMuseo, the cultural and artistic village of Altos de Chavón will then boast an impressive 2 museums. The other museum is the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology, which with more than 3,000 Pre-Columbian and Taino artefacts is a great place to learn about the Dominican Republic’s unique and and rich anecstral heritage.

We look forward to seeing you in Altos de Chavón this holiday season!

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