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Children’s Carnaval at the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archeology – this Friday!

carnaval dominicano

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carnaval dominicanoGreat news! A “Carnaval Infantil” (Children’s Carnaval) will be celebrated in Altos de Chavon this Friday the 15th of February – with a Carnaval themed workshop and a carnaval parade!

carnaval dominicano

Hosted by the Altos de Chavon amphitheater and the Regional Archaeological Museum, the magnificent “Carnaval Infantil” (Children’s Carnaval) invites you and your little ones to dress up and enjoy all the fun of the CARNAVAL DOMINICANO right here in Altos de Chavón!

Not only is February the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Dominican Independence Day – but it is also the time of the year when a traditional celebration takes place in the Dominican Republic; the “Carnaval Dominicano” which year after year highlights a number of unique Dominican traditions, color and rythms based on its rich culture – which is why the Altos de Chavon Regional Archaeological Museum cordially invites all the little “Diablos Cojuelitos”, as well as members of the Casa de Campo community to enjoy their “Carnaval Infantil!”

The event will start with a dynamic workshop at the Altos de Chavon Regional Archaeological Museum where the little ones will learn everything about the exciting stories of the Dominican carnival, followed by a cute parade onto the Altos de Chavon Plaza!

“Carnaval Infantil”

When: Friday the 15th of February 2013, 5pm – 8pm

Where: The event will start with a fun workshop at the Altos de Chavon Museum, followed by a wonderful parade from the museum to the main plaza.

Age:  Children of all ages  – parents are even encouraged to dress up too!

Dress code: Don’t forget to wear your best Carnival costumes!

Cost: Free!

Contact: [email protected], 809-523-8554

Full calendar of events here:

[Carnaval illustration by: Patricia Duran, former student of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design.]

Don’t forget! The “Carnaval Dominicano” is also being celebrated this year in great style at the Marina Casa de Campo, click here to read more!

Some super memories of past Carnaval’s – in the Marina Casa de Campo and La Romana…..

Carnival de la Marina, 2012

carnaval marina casa de campo

It was 5pm on a Saturday afternoon the 25th of February when Casa de Campo villa owners, residents, guests and visitors from La Romana town and other regions of the Dominican Republic arrived in the Marina Casa de Campo to enjoy the colors and rhythms of one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular celebrations – the Dominican Carnival.


 Carnaval en Casa!

comparsa arrive

The first Carnaval in the Marina Casa de Campo took place on saturday the 27th of February 2010 – click on the links below for photos of this fun event!

• CARNAVAL IN CASA: music + dancing + disfraces = FUN FUN FUN 

• CARNAVAL IN CASA: the costume competition……

 The Marina in CARNAVAL – all the shops, restaurants and employees celebrate with us!

The La Romana Carnaval 2011!

On Sunday the 27th of March, the town of La Romana came to life as more than 40 different carnaval comparsas paraded through the streets for the annual La Romana Carnaval, which was sponsored by Plaza Lama.


La Romana Carnaval 2010 – a parade of surprises and delights.


On Sunday the 28th of February 2010, La Romana came alive with the banging of drums, the blaring of music and over 20 Carnaval comparsas dancing, marching, jumping and prancing along the streets.


ABOUT: The “Carnaval Dominicano”
carnaval dominicano

Excitement, vibrant colors, drums, music and a festive ambience are all synonymous with the Dominican Carnival season celebrated every year in the months of February and March across the Dominican Republic. The principal carnival, the “Carnaval Dominicano” or the “Carnaval Vegano” takes place every Sunday through February and attracts thousands of Dominicans and tourists to take part in the action!



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