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Chef Massimo and Chef Alfio go on TV!

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Since its opening in 2006, The Beach Club by Le Cirque has been a tremendous success, serving beautifully crafted dishes and culinary delights to please the most discerning clientele. The ambiance itself is not too shabby either, with its breathtaking views of the warm Caribbean Sea.

While the name on the door is the unmistakable New York brand, Le Cirque, once you arrive to the Beach Club, there are two characters you are sure to encounter, Massimo Caretta (General Manager and former chef of La Piazzetta) and Alfio Longo (Chef) – both of whom exude a certain Italian charm that has helped make the Beach Club the unique dinning establishment.

As a result, this coming Monday, both Chef Massimo and Chef Longo have been invited by Mr. Ciro Casola, owner of the Santo Domingo favorite Restaurante Fellini and producer of the television show “El Atico”, to come and create something special on the air.

No word has been given to us about when the show will be on the air, but as soon as we find out, we’ll post the schedule online. We’ll even try to see if we can post the video of this creative culinary concert right on Casa de Campo Living. We know the show will be on Channel 37 – CDN and as soon as we know the when we’ll let you know, so we can all enjoy a good behind the scenes look at how our delicacies are prepared.

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