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Check out La Romana’s hottest NEW food park, Cañaveral!

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If you haven’t checked out Cañaveral Food Park in La Romana then clear your calendars for next weekend because you are in for a treat!

Walking through the entrance, live music fills the spacious outdoor venue and delicious aromas from different local cuisine “trucks” flood the air.  Looking around the unique space, there are sugar cane plants lining the walls and a platform made from recycled train track wood elevates the bar lounge, Zafra.  On either side of the park there are stationary “food trucks” created from storage container pods housing six different restaurants, three in each container. Upon entering, it is easy to forget where you are, as Cañaveral creates a vibe that is unlike any other.

Cañaveral features a handful of different local restaurants including, Mexican staples from La Mexicana, mouthwatering burgers from Oveja Negra, pulled pork sandwiches from Kansas City, barbecue and smoked meats from The Grille by Foodcrafter, Asian fusion street food from Chinois, and Italian specialties from Soprano Trattoria.  Each individual restaurant has uniquely designed their space to match their own style and has created a personality that flows throughout the food park. The diverse selection is guaranteed to please any appetite making Cañaveral the perfect place for groups of friends or family to dine together and enjoy an exceptional variety of food.

On top of having six unparalleled local restaurants, Cañaveral has the Zafra Bar with both classic and homemade cocktails. Zafra’s mixologist, and Cañaveral’s founder, Jan Michael Giha, studied mixology at the Professional Bartending School in Atlanta, Georgia and he has created his own original craft cocktail menu. Each drink is perfectly balanced with exceptional flavors and is beautifully garnished, showing the passion put into each individual cocktail.

On top of exquisite cuisine and impressive cocktails, Cañaveral also has a live band each Friday evening, Son Cubano, and plans to bring in other live bands. Cañaveral is a unique food park unlike anything else in the region! It brings the community together by showcasing amazing local food varieties and original savory cocktails while live music flows through the crowd, creating a fun atmosphere for all ages to enjoy! Cañaveral is open Friday evenings, Saturday evenings, and Sunday evenings at 6pm and is located on Calle Altagracia in town. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there is something for everyone at Cañaveral!

*Pictures taken by Laura Perdomo and Jesús Rodríguez

Cañaveral Food Park

Where: Calle Altagracia #15, La Romana

When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 pm

Social media: Facebook Cañaveral Food Park   Instagram @canaveralfoodpark

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