Under the theme “Reshape the Future,” Chavón School of Design students pull out all the stops in producing ensembles that are eco-friendly and statement worthy. Incorporating only recycled pieces, designers told stories that spoke volumes in terms of environmentalism and humanitarianism.

Emely Fanfán

Emely Fanfán jumped on the androgynous fashion trend bandwagon by revamping the men’s dress shirt in a way that felt fresh, wearable, and comfortable. Forget your boyfriend’s button-down, these are way cooler.

Rossana Tenia

The designer’s badass head-to-toe leather looks ruled on the runway. Attitude and textural details for days, Rossana Tenia portrayed the strength of the female and spoke out on abuse against women.

Karla Dipuglia

The 2017 Parsons scholar made a statement on gender equality by focusing her collection around an emblematic female garment: the pantyhose. She meticulously pieced pantyhose together in body hugging designs; and memorably back in May, on the night of the “Chavonero 2017” graduation exhibition, she wore bra cups as sleeves. Girl power!