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The Mirador Santo Domingo Cultural Center receives the impressive works of the artist and teacher Argenis Lebrón (San Cristóbal, 1985) gathered in his exhibition called “Desenfado / Memoria”.

This exhibition closes the program of cultural activities and the celebration of the tenth anniversary, which is why it is the last of 2022:

“We are proud of the artist, the teacher and the human being that Argenis Lebrón is, an example of talent and humility”,

expressed the director of the Mirador Center, Purísima de León de Guerra.

Argenis Lebrón’s individual exhibition “Desenfado / Memoria” consists of 22 works of different techniques (Acrylic and graphite on paper, Acrylic/oil canvas, acrylic on canvas, formats vary from 60X60 50X50 to 55X40 to 22X30.

The prominent critic and cultural manager Abil Peralta explain that “Lebrón assumes the creation and construction of a pictorial art founded on the language of paradox and irony, as old as the semantic axes of Don Quixote, planting a non-stereotyped plastic and visual scaffolding “.

From the prominent Chavonero artist Argenis Lebrón and this collection of works; the exhibition’s associate curator and museographer Josefina Pichardo Casasnova says: “His color palette can vary in each work and in each theme he develops, from bright reds, blues, pastels to surprisingly monochromatic paintings, as well as the drawings of gestures with minimal strokes that form parts of different women’s faces”.

“The show is a copy of who I am. It’s called Desenfado because I’m relaxed and I make a lot of faces, which I put on real women’s faces because I like them all. They’re women you see on television…”

Argenis Lebrón

Argenis is known in the field of plastic and visual arts for its close ties with the social and cultural community of La Romana, Altos de Chavón and Casa de Campo, which distinguish and recognize it as a cultural asset of the territories that border the River Chavón, east of the Dominican Republic.

See below photos of the opening of the solo exhibition by Argenis Lebrón “Desenfado/memoria” taken on November 23, 2022: