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With the aim of turning the Dominican Republic into an animation hub for the local and international market, Chavón La Escuela de Diseño announces that starting in September, it will include in its offerings the technical career in Animation, at the Miraflores Campus (Santo Domingo), thus becoming the first school to do so in the country. Through its subjects, a pioneer generation in animated production will be trained, with a focus on traditional drawing integrated into contemporary media, and will be able to work in large animation studios and create personal projects, contributing to Dominican cultural growth.

This academic program, lasting three years and led by a team of outstanding professionals in the area, is coordinated by Jonathan Schmidt, who in turn is a graduate of CHAVÓN in Fine Arts and Illustration (2003) and specialized in Parsons School of Design (2005). The aforementioned study plan responds to creating a solid base of drawing that strengthens aspects of animation, such as texture, sensitivity, and understanding of movement; as well as, to open a space that generates imperfections and is used in favor of producing credible worlds and characters with character, where the work of the Chavonero animator will always stand out.

When assessing the new career, its coordinator considered that it will fill a gap in the national academic offer, making Chavón the first school in the country to train new professionals in animation. On this particular, he expressed: “Through the theoretical and experimental education of this innovative curriculum, the student will become a professional without fear of making mistakes and with enough discipline to handle the workload that the job of animation entails; In addition, they will have a great understanding of the three dimensions and will be able to work in a team.”

YouTube video

This animated short was made by the
chavonera, Ivanna Matos (Illustration, 2022) in just 6 months.

Jonathan Schmidt added that, with this proposal, Chavón La Escuela de Diseño seeks to train animators with the skills of a professional who is capable of exploiting the simplicity of technology and human touch, without losing the artistic essence of the craft and putting in relief his extraordinary ability to act through the pencil.

In this sense, the training in Animation will begin with the visual literacy of the Chavonero, to lay the foundations for effective visual communication, through the practices and techniques that define the voice of the artist; then, it will continue with the approach of the fundamentals in two and three dimensions, in order to tell stories in a sequential way and produce animation projects for film and television. And, finally, as a culmination, a personal project will be carried out that will allow each student to know by heart all existing production, creation, and design processes within the world of animation.

Thus, having achieved almost four decades of academic excellence, Chavón celebrates a new chapter in its history: an evolution that responds to the need that the professional environment deserves, with the same trajectory and international projection that characterizes this institution.

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Those who wish to apply can write to or call 809-563-2802 extensions 108 and 109. They can also follow the networks @chavonedu (on Instagram and Twitter) and Chavón La Escuela de Diseño ( on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo).