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Chavón The School of Design presents its programming of short Continuing Education courses for the first time in a virtual way from May 11, 2020, with 7 courses in different areas, and a MasterClass.

Aiming to educate and strengthen knowledge in different areas as an alternative to training during the pandemic, these courses represent an interesting innovation as they provide valuable training opportunities for professionals, students, and people with similar interests.

For more than 20 years CHAVÓN has successfully taught the courses in person, and today it is taking a step to open up to a wider market offering the same quality with online programming.

The 4-week courses offered in this period from May – June are: Create your digital Product, Image Consulting, Film Script, Strategy and Content for Social Media, Creative Writing, Composition, and photography for Social Media, Residential Interiors and the first CHAVÓN Masterclass: “Basic SEO for businesses and entrepreneurs”.

All courses have a duration of 4 weeks and an investment of RD $ 5,000.00 with a total of 12 hours. The MasterClass is one day and has a cost of RD $ 1,700.00

A certificate will be awarded to participants who have successfully completed all of the course modules.

For more information, you can contact, or WhatsApp 829-750-0051.

Information and photos courtesy of Chavón School of Design


May 11 – June 1

Create your digital Product by Gabriela Mejía

Learn everything you need to create and sell your digital product. Turn your knowledge into a business model, learn to sell it on the internet and start generating constant income.

May 12 – June 2

Strategy and Content for Social Media by Carlos Castillo

Through this course you will learn to develop strategic plans to generate impact content (Engaging) handling an effective message. You will also learn about design and photography for social networks.

May 13 – June 3

Image Consulting by Joselo Franjul

Topics will be covered from the updated image, trends, applications and uses, culture and references of fashion, makeup, colorimetry, styles and use of textures. Start: Wednesday, May 13.

Screenplay by Violeta Lockhart

This program shows you the creative process of writing a film script, from the idea to the creation of characters, the narrative structure and the use of software for writing the scripts and dialogues.

Creative Writing by Esmarlin Moreta

In this course you will learn the steps for the preparation of a poem, a short story, a micro story, a novel, punctually touching the process to bring a story to a Cinematographic Script.

In addition, you will learn how to blog in WordPress and Blogger to capitalize on these platforms as a broadcast channel for your own literary texts, without leaving aside the implementation of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium.

Composition and photography for Social Media by Rafael Chaer

Learn to use photography as the most important resource when communicating through Social Networks. Photography and basic composition of elements, props and sets, for the creation of digital content.

May 14 – June 4

Residential Interior Design by Lorena Medina

You will learn about the basic aspects of Residential Interior Design, understanding the operation and the different styles presented in apartments, houses, penthouses, among other domestic environments, through the analysis of the environment and attending to the needs of distribution, style, shape and color theory. .

May 14 6:30pm – 8:30pm

CHAVÓN Masterclass: “Basic SEO for businesses and entrepreneurs ”by Gabriela Mejía

Learn to analyze your website and you will improve it to position yourself and how to upload positions in Google.