Altos de Chavón School of Design

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We love the Chavón School of Design and all its initiatives and courses. The school is always striving to improve its offerings and services for the students, graduates, and all who are interested in the arts. Recently they have gotten countless great comments and feedback about the school, but now they would like to hear from us, to know our thoughts and opinions!

The idea of ​​the survey is to gather information in order to create courses and educational experiences catering specifically to the Casa de Campo community; the CHAVÓN School of Design wants to know our interests and preferences to make a tailor-made program for Casa.

As you know, CHAVÓN School of Design is an educational center with a global impact and a pioneer in teaching art and design in the Dominican Republic. Their objective is to satisfy the growing commercial and industrial demand of the country. They offer study programs, both long and short, in the areas of Fine Arts, Film, Graphic Design & Communication, Photography, Illustration, Interior & Product Design, Fashion Marketing & Communication, Animation, and Fashion Design.

Each course is developed under an educational curriculum that stimulates the development of creative skills and critical thinking. They have done extensive research and the benefits of art education allow the following:

  • People who receive an education in the arts perform better and show greater flexibility and adaptability in thinking than their peers.
  • Strengthens problem-solving skills and equips people to approach problems with patience and persistence.
  • Develop collaboration and communication skills
  • Develops leadership skills, including decision making, strategizing, planning and reflection
  • Making art can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Improves connections in the brain
  • The arts encourage teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, tolerance, flexibility, and attention to detail

“Our commitment to society to offer quality education and at the same time enjoy our iconic venue in Altos de Chavón allows us to have an immersive, different and unique experience. And we want all Casa de Campo residents, villa owners, and visitors to have the opportunity to enter our world and create experiences.” – Chavón School of Design

Your feedback is vital in helping them to do this. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey and they will actively use the feedback to constantly improve their offerings with the Casa de Campo community in mind!