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The Chavón School of Design continues to offer great programs at its Altos de Chavón campus. This summer, the school has prepared an exceptional range of courses, there’s something for everybody from teens, university students, and professionals!

Altos de Chavón has always been the home of art and is considered one of the first options for people pursuing a career in the film industry, in design and in the arts. It’s no secret that the school has been excelling, proven by their recent feature in Variety’s “Stellar Film Schools of 2017.”  The 2-year film program, which opened last year in February, already has two groups and the first one is to graduate next year. Along with this, the school also offers workshops and courses for those interested in the industry and it is the perfect way to provide the new generation of Dominican filmmakers all the tools they need to excel in this industry.

This summer the school is offering courses in Animation, Art Direction for Cinema, Direction of Actors, Interior Design, Event Design, Network Management, Photography Techniques, Lettering, and Drawing that continue to be the starting point for other disciplines of art and design. For this reason, the school offers workshops with the basic tools for those who are beginning and advanced courses for those who want to reinforce and improve their techniques. On this occasion, the school will also offer a Special program for teenagers from 15 to 17 years old in Photography, Film, YouTube, Drawing, and Painting.

The summer courses are taught by renowned artists and professionals of art and design, under which students experience a true hands-on training during the course of the program, taking the opportunity to work alongside these professionals, reproducing or resembling a real work experience. Another strong recommendation for participating in Chavón’s courses is for those interested in applying to the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design — classes will help familiarize you with the school’s methodology and coursework, as well as amp up your portfolio and résumé!

There is still time to enroll and we encourage you to give the school a call or visit to sign-up before they fill up! The Altos de Chavón offices are located right above the Mercadito where you can learn more details about the workshops including who the professors will be. We guarantee it’s one of the best activities you can do this summer!


Founded in 1983, The Altos de Chavón School of Design offers careers in applied arts in the areas of Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Fashion. This type of intensive two-year program provides the graduates with an associate degree at a technical level, which provides them with a solid education that enables participants to compete as professionals in the field of design and arts both locally and internationally.

Graduates of the School of Design are eligible to transfer directly to Parsons School of Design in New York. More than 2,000 Dominicans and students from around the world have graduated from the School of Design, demonstrating that a solid background in design, parallel to an emphasis on the development of the industry is the best formula for a successful career.

The highly practical and market-oriented curriculum, provides students with a unique set of skills that allows them to be easily inserted into the work environment.