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Last Tuesday, November 22nd, the Central Romana Corporation inaugurated the new areas of the La Romana Tourist Port terminal with an investment of more than 15 million dollars, in an act that was attended by the President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader and the main executives of the aforementioned corporate group.

As part of the expansion, the leisure areas for passengers were doubled, providing them with a swimming pool, themed bars and restaurants, shops and amenities, and the development of spaces where visitors can appreciate locally produced crafts, sharing directly with artists and artisans.

These new facilities will increase the number of jobs within the aforementioned tourist port to a hundred.

In addition to the improvements to the dock that will allow larger ships to dock, such as the arrival of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Odyssey of the Seas, the installation of fenders and moorings was announced to increase compression capacity, as well as beams with additional piles to increase the rigidity of resistance to the lateral thrust of the ships.

“For more than 20 years we are leaders in the tourism and cruise industry in the country and with this transcendental investment we are not only increasing the operational capacity of our port in La Romana, but we are also providing the maritime part with the necessary conditions to be able to receive the largest cruise ships in the world.”

Luis Emilio Rodríguez, director del Puerto Turístico de La Romana.

The activity took place in the newly expanded port terminal. The symbolic act of cutting the ribbon was headed by President Luis Abinader, Ramón A. Menéndez, Executive Vice President of Central Romana, Pepe Fanjul Jr, President of the Executive Committee of Central Romana, David Collado, Minister of Tourism, Jean Luis Rodríguez, Port Director, and Luis Emilio Rodríguez, Director of the La Romana Tourist Port.

Also participating in the event were Leo Matos García and Eduardo Martínez-Lima Gonzalvo, Vice Presidents of Administration of Central Romana, Ministers José Ignacio Paliza, Joel Santos, Deligne Asunción Burgos and Venancio Alcántara, among other authorities and government figures.

Central Romana once again reaffirms its commitment to the country’s tourism industry where for more than 50 years and through its affiliated companies, it has shown its support by diversifying its operations, thus generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs, being synonymous with excellence worldwide.

History of the La Romana Port

The La Romana Tourist Port began its operations in December 2002 and since then it has become a multi-purpose port, where not only ships from “homeport” or mother port are received, but also cruise ships for visitors and excursionists, where passengers can disembark and enjoy the benefits and beauties of this fabulous tourist destination.

Over the last 20 years, the port has received some 2,150 cruise ships with more than five million vacationers and it is estimated that as a result of the commercial and tourist activity of cruise ships in this port terminal, the community of La Romana, the eastern region and the country have received an economic flow of more than 400 million dollars.

See more photos below of the inauguration on November 22, 2022: