We love seeing celebrities in Casa de Campo, and we really LOVE it when they come and live it up like one of the Casa de Campo community… which as the wife of a life-long Casa de Campo-er (David Maler), she practically is! Honestly, what’s not to love about Casa? We have world-renowned golf courses designed by the legendary Pete Dye, the largest tennis center in the Caribbean with 13 immaculate fast-dry Har-Tru tennis courts, a beautiful beach, a beautiful Marina, and a wonderful community!

So when Nashla Bogaert, one of the Dominican Republic’s most well-known actresses and producers, and her fellow movie-star and producer husband, David Maler, spend a few days here, everybody starts to wonder, what have they done in Casa de Campo? Well, what we all do here, love and enjoy all that Casa has to offer! Thanks to the modern miracle that is “social media”, we have a pretty good idea of what they have done – and some really awesome photos to prove it! 

wake up to the extraordinary peace and quiet that reigns in Casa

enjoy some well-deserved pampering

RELAX by THE POOL in minitas

Eat delicious food at our many restaurants

visit the Casa de Campo Shooting center

Click here and here to visit their Instagram pages and see what else they have been up to in Casa de Campo!

So, as you were able to observe, this 2021 will not be the exception as to celebrity sighting since from the beginning many have preferred Casa de Campo to getaway from all the stress and enjoy this paradise we have the pleasure to call home at least for a couple of days.