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Celebrities in Casa: Felipe González, Ex President of Spain rumored to have chosen Casa de Campo for his vacations in the sun!

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minitas beach casa de campoThroughout this past high season in Casa de Campo there have definitely been a lot of celebrity spottings! Famous rapper Pitbull made various appearances along with his good friend and actor Manolo Cardona and DJ Laz as well as Amaury Nolasco and now, we have just read that Felipe González, ex President of Spain was also in Casa de Campo over New Year celebrating at a private Casa de Campo villa!  

Felipe González, who for thirteen years governed Spain, the longest period of governance in the modern history and democracy of Spain, enjoyed the 2011 Christmas vacations in the Dominican Republic and according to a Spanish article on, González spent some time at the World’s Leading Golf Resort… Casa de Campo, of course!

The Spanish article talks about numerous Spanish celebrities and their activities during the Christmas Holidays, and a big surprise is that most of them actually chose to visit the Dominican Republic, among them Felipe González, who is said to have come to Casa de Campo along with his girlfriend, friends and family.

Who wouldn’t love and enjoy this wonderful Paradise, its sun, beach, world-class sporting activities, and gorgeous Pete Dye designed golf courses and landscapes? Although we personally did not see Felipe González during his stay at Casa de Campo, this online journal says that the Ex Spanish President  enjoyed his time ONLY at a prívate villa in Casa de Campo which belongs to some close friends… which explains why we did not see him around and about in Casa de Campo. (However we do think he must have visited at least some of Casa de Campo’s beauty spots……who could resist the temptation??)

Like Felipe González, other celebrities have selected Casa de Campo as THE place for these celebrations, like Pitbull, DJ Laz, and the Colombian actor, Manolo Cardona who all celebrated together at Onno’s Bar, Altos de Chavón on Christmas Eve, as well as Amaury Nolasco who joined the legendary New Year’s boat trip celebration – Palmillaso!

About Felipe González

After governing Spain for thirteen years, Felipe González was elected Prime Minister in the general elections in Madrid, until 2000. After giving up his participation in the 2004 elections, he literally disappeared from the “politics world” for 10 years. However, today he is part of the “PSOE”  Federal Comitte, and surprisingly a jewelry designer and sculptor.


We hope that Felipe Gonzalez enjoyed his stay at Casa de Campo and that this will be one of many visits to the Casa de Campo resort!

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