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Celebration of faith in the XXIX Charismatic Retreat of the MIR Foundation

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More than 500 people lived a fascinating experience on October 19 during the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Retreat at the MIR Foundation Polytechnic.

The annual event that has been held every year since 1990, organized by Lian Fanjul de Azqueta and Lyanne Azqueta, President-Founder and Executive Director of the MIR Foundation, respectively, has become a tradition in La Romana and continues to have the participation and support of many people who celebrate evangelization, as well as those who seek to share their testimony of faith with others. With the collaboration of the Hotel de Casa de Campo, Café Santo Domingo and the entire Catholic community; The House of Prayer, Servants of the Living Christ and The House of the Annunciation, this retreat managed to meet the spiritual expectations of all participants.

This year’s theme was “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me” and we have the participation of Monsignor Ramón Albino from Puerto Rico, who gave two-morning conferences, as well as with Dr. Yaritza Echavarría Villarrubia who gave a conference for The youth of the community. During the evening, we were able to count on Father Julián Rosario Basra, who in a very charismatic way gave two lectures and gave faith testimony to all attendees.

The setting of the event was in charge of the Ministry of Music Cana and Mr. Miguel Calzada with songs of worship and praise. The day ended with the eucharistic celebration given by Mons. Ramón Albino accompanied by several priests from different parts of the region, the Prayer for the sick was in charge of Siervos Cristo Vivo.

Every year we can appreciate the remarkable growth of the Catholic community and the diversity of our assistants; This year many young people and children joined.

Mrs. Lian Fanjul de Azqueta was honored with her presence, accompanied by her daughter; Mrs. Lyanne Azqueta and her granddaughter Lian Azqueta were also present Mrs. Sandra Hernandez, Mrs. Annie Paniagua, Mrs. Janet Martinez Lima, Dr. Gladys Sabino, among other members of the community of La Romana.

Fundación MIR is extremely grateful to all who gathered to participate in this tradition that celebrates 29 years and to all collaborators. We hope to see you all again at next year’s retreat!

* Photos and information by Fundación MIR


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