Celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year at Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo!

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marina casa de campoThe New Year’s parties are not over… At least not for Casa de Campo, as we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year at Chinois Restaurant in the Marina Casa de Campo on Friday the 27th of January!

Come celebrate the start of the New Year 2012 at Chinois! The celebration will begin at 7.30pm in Chinois restaurant in the Marina Casa de Campo, and at some point in the evening, there will be the traditional “Dance of the Dragons” a spectacular parade of dragons who will dance to the beat of drums around Chinois restaurant and the Plaza Portofino ! All Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and visitors are invited to enjoy this wonderful celebration and indulge in an exquisite traditional chinese dinner to celebrate this special occasion!

New Years Celebration at Chinois

chinois marina casa de campo

When: Friday 27th of January,  7:30pm

Where: Chinois Restaurant, Plaza Portofino, La Marina Casa de Campo

What: A wonderful parade of dancing dragons while enjoying a special and traditional chinese dinner!

Reservations: Chinois Restaurant on  809.523.2388 o or Concierge, EXTS.: 3165 /3166

According to the Chinese calendar and tradition, this year 2012 is the year of the dragon! As part of 12 signs the dragon is the 5th animal of the Chinese Zodiac, leaving behind the year 2011 represented by the rabbit! This will indeed be a spectacular celebration!!  We hope to see you there!!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year 2011 in the Marina Casa de Campo
chinese new year dragon casa de campo

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