semana santa oferta vinos
semana santa oferta vinos

Everyone knows that Semana Santa (Easter week) in the Dominican Republic is a BIG celebration and a time for partying, so when you’re making your preparations for the good times – be sure to stop by La Enoteca in the Marina Casa de Campo where you will get the 6th bottle free, can take advantage of some other great special offers, as well as get your purchases delivered to your Casa de Campo villa free of charge! What are you waiting for? Get shopping now!

Here are 5 excellent reasons to shop and/or relax with a drink at La Enoteca in the Marina Casa de Campo this Semana Santa:

1. Get the 6th bottle free!
This Semana Santa at La Enoteca in the Marina Casa de Campo – if you buy 5 bottles you get the 6th free! And this offer applies to 14 different wines, spirits and champagnes.
(See flyer below for details.)

2. Special Offers!
When you’re stocking up for partying at Palmilla, cut the cost and stock up with La Enoteca’s great special package deals.
(See flyer below for details.)

3. FREE delivery!
La Enoteca offers free delivery within Casa de Campo all year round so whether you’re restocking your wine cellar or have run out of champagne – you can call them for back-up and your order should be delivered to you the same day!
Tel: 809-523-2343

La Enoteca in the Marina Casa de Campo hosts a Happy Hour every Thursday from 7pm – 9pm with 2 x 1 deals on selected wines, spirits and cocktails.

5. The best selection of drinks…..and food!
La Enoteca does not serve food, but if you want to take advantage of it’s great prices and superior selection while you dine, you can sit at La Enoteca and with the help of their accommodating waiters you can order your food from any of the Marina’s nearby restaurants – a real bonus, especially if one person wants Chinese food and the other wants pizza! Just ask and they’ll be happy to help you!

Plaza Portofino #14, Marina Casa de Campo
Tel: 809-523-2343

Open Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 12pm

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