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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Punto Licores

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In May we celebrate Mother’s Day, a time to toast those women we owe our lives to. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe maternal love, and the best of all is that each mother is unique and different in her own way. The last Sunday of May is the day chosen by Dominicans to lavish mothers with affection and presents to show how we feel.

Do you have the perfect wine to accompany your meal or if you prefer cocktails, the perfect mix? Do you already have everything ready to celebrate? If not, Punto Licores offers the widest range of wines and spirits for everyone.

Beyond gifts, Mother’s Day is the day to share, celebrate and be with your mother, so why not prepare her favorite meal to show her how much you love her and add a glass of rosé, perfect for any time of the day and a great companion for an appetizer, dessert or seafood. When it comes to celebrations, Rosé is one of the best choices.

Or prepare any of these refreshing cocktails:

-Strawberry Margarita
Prepare with strawberry juice, lemon, tequila and triple sec,

A feminine cocktail, this drink with vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice is always a favorite

-Tequila Sunrise
This colorful cocktail is made with tequila, orange juice, and grenadine, giving it vivid colors, and can be sweetened to her personal liking.

To prepare this drink we need to mix 2/3 of sparkling wine with 1/3 of peach juice, ice, and sugar. Cheers!

Remember Punto Licores is just a call away from you, with delivery services to Casa de Campo, and if you want to celebrate big events they also provide counseling. 

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