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This Friday January 27th, let’s bid farewell to the Monkey and welcome the year of the Rooster. The Chinese New Year begins on January 28th, but the celebrations begin on the 27th and normally last around 2 weeks!

This Saturday marks the beginning of the year of the Rooster and corresponds to the element of fire. This colorful event will include the traditional “Dance of the Dragons” by the members of the Chinese community in La Romana – a spectacular parade of dragons will dance to the beat of drums around Chinois restaurant! There will also be a live DJ and the lighting of lanterns to release into the sky.

Come enjoy a delicious buffet and a sushi and dim sum festival. The buffet menu includes mongolian beef, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable chow mein, pork belly and more! It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the Chinese new year! Call ahead to make your reservations.


Chinese New Year at Chinois


When: Friday January 27th, 8pm

Where: Chinois restaurant, La Romana

Cost: RD$1,000 plus taxes

Call NOW to make your reservations!


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Where: Calle Duarte, Restauración Street Corner, La Romana

Hours: 12pm – 11pm (open for lunch and dinner)

Tel: (809) 550-5977 , (809) 307-2729