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Celebrate 100 years with the Abraham Lincoln School at Sports Day this Saturday!

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Some of my best years were in school; it’s where you spent time with friends, learned new subjects, played sports, participated in plays and went on trips… all around it was great! I graduated from Abraham Lincoln School in 2002, after 14 years of making my way from kindergarten through the 12th grade. The school prepares its students in such a way that when we go out into the world everything seems a bit less complicated. We were provided with the tools to carry us through our university years, and even once we started working were taught to give the best of ourselves in every aspect of our lives. It’s for this reason that I’m so excited to celebrate their centennial. This Saturday, April 22nd they will have their traditional Sports Day starting at 9:00 a.m, and now the high school students are playing part!

ALS Sports Day 5

Sports Day is certainly one of the best days of school. It is celebrated each year for lower school students with sack-races, a potato or egg spoon race, running, and much more. Parents and friends come to the school to cheer on their kids, and last year the high schoolers were finally made part of this extraordinary day. I’m sure they are loving getting back into the special event! 

Students compete against one another, dressed in the colors that represent their team: Duarte (red), Sánchez (yellow), and Mella (blue) – named after the Dominican Republic’s founding fathers. They learn about teamwork and team spirit and are awarded points to each of their houses and prizes at the end of the day.

ALS Sports Day 3

This year, it will be even more exciting and significant since this year falls within the school’s 100th anniversary! They will hold a fair where parents and friends can not only support their kids, but buy centennial memorabilia, enjoy food and drinks, and participate in numerous activities such as bean bag throwing, face painting, football and golf competitions, lucky dip, bottle flipping, tee shirt decorating, a photo booth, and more! It is a great way to start the weekend and spend time with family. Come out and support the Abraham Lincoln School, and Go Team Duarte!

ALS Sports and Family Day

Abraham Lincoln School Family Day

When: Saturday, April 22nd

Where: Abraham Lincoln School, La Romana

Time: 9am – 3pm

Abraham Lincoln School

The Abraham Lincoln School, located within Central Romana, in the town of La Romana, is a private school for the children of employees of the Central Romana Corporation, but is also attended by other children who pay yearly tuition fees

The Abraham Lincoln School is an “English school” which means that classes are taught to a British standard curriculum and all the teachers are British, with the exception of course of the teachers who teach Spanish, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and PE who are Dominican. This means that the majority of classes are taught in English and children command both English and Spanish.

Although the curriculum is British, grades are awarded according to the American GPA system and the pupils also take the “Dominican National Exams”, allowing pupils to continue their education at universities in the USA or within the Dominican Republic, as well as in Europe.

Classes go from pre-kinder to 12th grade.

*Pictures courtesy of Abraham Lincoln School, see more of last year’s Sports Day here.

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