Casitas de Chavón

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Casitas de Chavón

Anyone who has visited Altos de Chavón knows that there is something magical happening between its cobbles and stones. In 1973, when Mr. Charles Bullhorn, Chairman of Gulf & Western, noticed that there were stones that needed to be put to good use from the mountain blasting required to build the bridge and road to cross the Chavón River, he had a vision of building a sixteenth-century style Mediterranean village. The signature style of it’s doors, windows and streets are integrated in artwork painted by some and carved by others. “Casitas de Chavón” is one of those projects.

Nelson Garcia, event producer and artist graduated from the Altos de Chavón School of Art & Design, presents his new handmade creations, which are part of a series entitled “Nostalgia”. They are models of “casitas” (little houses) made from ceramic inspired in Altos de Chavón with some truly charming details.

He explains that the creative process to mold these casitas or facades is totally spontaneous. He begins to unveil forms and elements and, in a short time, the casitas come to life. Once the pieces are baked, he then paints them with acrylic, and an “aging” effect is applied.

There are small casitas available to place on shelves and other much larger ones can be hung on walls.

Once again, Chavón alumni keep surprising us with inspiring artwork. We love these casitas as they are an artistic representation of this village which we call home. We are buying a few to take to our new headquarters in Plano, Texas because we cannot think of a better way to show our new friends and colleagues the magic of the Chavón cobbles! We hope you consider getting some for your friends and family as well.

Casitas de Chavón by Nelson García

Little houses made of ceramic inspired in Altos de Chavón

Contact: (809) 938-4000, Facebook: Casitas de Chavón