CasaLife Spring 2017

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Feet in the sand, cocktail in hand, all that’s left to do is grab our latest issue of CasaLife to start your vacation off in the most relaxing way possible. This bright new edition is HERE and making its way to your doorstep this week!! Whether you’re vacationing or living here full time, take a gander at recent community events and a picturesque Chavón wedding to Casa’s own unique flora and fauna, because proof that life in Casa is superlative is in the pages.

CasaLife Spring 2017 Juan Velázquez

Dive into what’s new to come for the resort in a CasaLife interview with Costasur’s own administrative vice-president, Juan Velázquez, who answers the community’s most curious question, What’s happening with the parkland? wherein he details just all that the 2km park called Vista Lagos has to offer. He also gives insight into how Costasur is planning for the future in terms of sustainability and technology.

CasaLife Spring 2017 Barefoot Elegance

Part two of CasaLife’s treasured “Designing Paradise” series by David Peacock and Adolfo Despradel, this time entitled “Barefoot Elegance”, continues to unfold the journey of how the resort came to flourish with special focus on early architecture and residences in the homes of Charles Bluhdorn and Oscar de la Renta. Following Casa de Campo’s first architect Bill Cox, “Barefoot Elegance” describes how capturing the essence of the resort’s natural surroundings was integral in its every formation.

CasaLife Spring 2017 El Catador's "Cata in Casa"

As usual, a summary of all the important events recently held in Casa de Campo are inside: the Cartier Benefit, MIR’s Magical Splendor for Life Weekend, the start to an exciting polo season in Casa, and El Catador’s first wine tasting within the resort, “Cata in Casa” are just some of what you’ll find. 

CasaLife Spring 2017 Everett Wedding

Plus, take a look at the not-to-miss photos of Kerry Everett and Michael Seaworth’s wedding in Altos de Chavón! The daughter of longtime community members and some of the first residents of the resort, Bill and Rosie Everett, Kerry weds in St. Stanislaus church and states that it it was her ideal wedding setting ever since she was a child.

With CasaLife, style and luxury go hand-in-hand. Emerge yourself in this season’s top trends in fashion and beauty, and the first class lifestyle of extravagant cars, accessories, and homes. You can pick up a copy of CasaLife magazine now at the Casa de Campo Hotel, Minitas Beach, the Marina Casa de Campo and in Altos de Chavón, or your own personal copy will be delivered to your Casa de Campo villa shortly.

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