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“Casa de Campo’s The Links to reopen soon” in an interview with head golf professional Dave Pfisterer, we reveal the details!

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casa de campo golf courseGood news Casa de Campo golfers – Casa de Campo’s “The Links” golf course, which has been closed for refurbishment since May 2011 is scheduled to reopen very soon! 

Casa de Campo’s golf legacy began in 1971 when Pete Dye’s masterpiece, the Teeth of the Dog, Casa de Campo’s first golf course was officially opened. Today more than 40 years later, Casa de Campo has been crowned the “World’s Leading Golf Resort” for the last 5 consecutive years and boasts 63 Pete Dye designed holes of play across 3 complete courses; the Teeth of the Dog, the Dye Fore and the Links, as well as a new 9 hole course, the “Dye Fore Lakes” which is played in conjunction with the Dye Fore.

Although an official re-open date for the Links is yet to be set, we caught up with Casa de Campo head golf professional Dave Pfisterer to give us the scoop on the new and improved Links golf course.

Casa de Campo Living: What are the main changes which have been made to The Links?

Dave: “All the greens and tees have new grass, making it consistant with the Teeth of the Dog, players will notice right away that the new playing conditions on the Links will now be very similar to the Teeth. Many of the bunkers have been redone, the drainage of the course has been worked on and improved and the tees have been leveled”

Casa de Campo Living:  What does that mean? [in reference to “the tees have been leveled”]

Dave, Casa de Campo’s head golf professional: Teeing areas should be flat, but over time the tee areas had become rounded, so they needed to be flattened again”

Casa de Campo Living: Any other noticeable changes?

Dave, Casa de Campo’s head golf professional: “They’ve added length where they can. A number of teeing areas have been moved further back. Being surrounded by golf villas there was not much extra space, but where-ever it was possible and safe more length has been added.”

[The original length of The Links from the back tees was 6461 yd, the new length will now be 7000 yd.]

The Links golf course under refurbishment – December 2011
golf course casa de campo

Casa de Campo Living: How does the Casa de Campo golf department feel about the new and improved “The Links” golf course?

Dave, Casa de Campo’s head golf professional: “We are really excited about it. There has always been the impression that the Links has been overshadowed by the other golf courses [the Teeth of the Dog and the Dye Fore], with people not always wanting to play it, but now we feel that The Links is just as good as the others – Casa de Campo golfers will be surprised and pleased with it.”

Casa de Campo Living: How much input has Pete Dye had in the remaking of the Links, which he originally opened in Casa de Campo in 1976?

Dave, Casa de Campo’s head golf professional: “He was here last week and he’s been down regularly keeping an eye on the progress. He’s very happy with how it’s turned out.”

Casa de Campo Living: What work remains to be done?

Dave, Casa de Campo’s head golf professional: “The majority of the work is done. Now we are letting the grass grow, the course needs time to fill in, mature and develop a strong base.”

Casa de Campo Living: So when will The Links be re-opened?

Dave, Casa de Campo’s head golf professional: “We are saying April 1st.”

There are of course hopes and rumors that the newly refurbished “The Links” golf course will actually be opened a little sooner, perhaps in the last week March….but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Thank you Dave for an excellent interview!

About The Links

Opened just 5 years after the Teeth of the Dog in 1976, Casa de Campo’s the Links golf course, was designed by Pete Dye. This in-land course is thought by some to be reminiscent of traditional British and Scottish golf courses with a moderately hilly track and several lagoons and lakes. This course may not be as thrilling or visually stunning as the Dye Fore or the Teeth of the Dog, but many golfers have been heard to say that The Links is just as challenging as the Teeth of the Dog and with water coming into play on no less than 5 holes it is not surprising.

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