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teeth of the dog golf course, pete dye, casa de campo

The following a a selection of photos sent to us by amateur photographer Andres Pichardo, of Casa de Campo’s beautiful Teeth of the Dog Golf Course.

Andres tells us that he just woke up one day and remembering how beautiful this area of Casa de Campo inspired him to venture out with his camera to try and capture a little of this awesome golf course and the stunning sea views.

View of the sea from hole #6, Teeth of the Dog


Teeing off on hole #7, Teeth of the Dog


The TEETH of the Teeth of the Dog, the rocks and sea around hole #6


Crystal blue waves crash onto the rocks and broken pieces of white coral


The swell of the sea – the resting place for many a stray golf ball!


The rocky beach along the side of hole #6, Teeth of the Dog


A washed up log below the tee of hole #7


Blue sea, blue sky and the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore: the Teeth of the Dog is a real Casa de Campo beauty spot as well as a world-class golf course

Thank you to Andres Pichardo for sending us these photos!

If you have any photos you are proud of please send them to us at or even send us the link to your Facebook page and we can take them off there!