Casa de Campo’s newest golf course ‘The 9’: Is it ready? Photos and the Facts!

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Casa de Campo is first and foremost a golf resort (currently the World’s Leading Golf Resort in fact), and so it is no wonder, we’re all curious to find out more about Casa de Campo’s newest addition – a 9 hole golf course near to the current Dye Fore.

Last week, whilst playing in the Sugar Golf Tournament, Pete Dye the designer of all of Casa de Campo’s world famous courses and the designer of the new 9 holes told us that yes the course is ready. What fantastic news we thought, so we did a little investigating so that we could share with you when and how you might be able to enjoy the new course!

So here is a summary of what I have found out (both from Pete Dye, my own observations and from our friend, Dave Pfsiterer, Casa de Campo’s golf professional.):

  • The course is ready, in the sense that it is ‘playable.’ The course is fully equipped with tee markers, flags and everything else a course really needs. However, in keeping with Casa de Campo’s high standards, Casa de Campo has made the decision to keep the course closed for the time being – to allow the grass to grow and to make sure that it is in the very best possible condition when it is officially opened.
  • The name of the new course will not be ‘The 9.’ As the course does not yet have a name, some people have been calling it ‘The 9,’ but as players will experience the new 9 holes, as a normal 18 hole course with the back 9 holes of the Dye Fore, it is unlikely it will be called ‘The 9’ – we will have to wait and see how it is named!
  • The new 9 holes will be joined with the back 9 holes of the Dye Fore, played in this order: players will start on the 10th hole of the Dye Fore, then play the 11th, 12th and 13th holes, following which players will move onto the new 9 holes and play what will be the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th holes, followed by hole 1 to 4 (still on the new course), before finishing on holes 14 to 18 on the Dye Fore. An order which seems complicated but actually makes sense and runs smoothly when you’re out on the course!
  • The new course does not currently have it’s own clubhouse, but there are plans to build one. Once the new course does have its own clubhouse, starter etc, the order in which holes are played in and joined to the Dye Fore may well be changed.
  • Some special guests have already been trying out the new course. Pete Dye, the designer of the course has, over the last few months invited a number of special guests to give the new course a go, including former President of the United States, George W Bush and, who played with course designer Pete Dye, Gilles Gagnon, Casa de Campo’s Golf Director and Dave Pfisterer, Casa de Campo Golf Professional. Click here to see photos of George W. Bush playing golf in Casa de Campo!
  • The new course will be opened soon! Although it is not yet decided when exactly the new course will be opened, but it may be opened sometime in June, to coincide with when the Teeth of the Dog is closed for maintenance.

For those of you who are curious about what the new course looks like, here are a few photos:


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