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Halloween, the spookiest weekend of the year, is looming, and Casa de Campo is sparing no cobweb to ensure the community is steeped in the holiday spirit. Among the host of ghoulish happenings slated for this year’s Halloween weekend, one spirited tradition promises to outdo itself: the Golf Cart Decorating Contest on October 28.

While ghosts, goblins, and other specters may roam the grounds during Halloween, the creatively adorned golf carts take center stage in this peculiar competition. Crafting an eerie or whimsical masterpiece on your golf cart is more than just a novel endeavor; it’s an opportunity to partake in a community event that first arose in response to the pandemic’s unique challenges. Last year’s contest witnessed numerous spirited entrants who wielded their imagination and ingenuity to transform humble golf carts into rolling works of art.

The decorated chariots of the green came adorned with a ghastly array of themes, from witches, spiders, spooky clowns, Flinstones, Catrinas, Alice in Wonderland, Jurrasic Park, and even the Adams Family! Some went the extra mile, embodying their creations with costumes that harmonized with their cart’s chosen theme, truly making the event a holistic spectacle. It’s all about the thrill of creativity, camaraderie, and good-natured competition.

This year, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. The community is eager to outdo the brilliance of last year’s designs and embark on a quest to create Halloween magic that will leave a lasting impression. It’s the kind of communal endeavor that embodies the season’s spirit as participants unite to craft something exceptional for the entire Casa de Campo community to enjoy.

The excitement mounts as the calendar inches closer to October 28th, the evening of the competition. The allure of Casa de Campo’s Halloween Golf Cart Decorating Contest is undeniable, promising a spirited night under the stars that promises spooky surprises and plenty of treats.

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